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  Milupa Aptamil Kindermilch 1+ 600g
Producer: Milupa GmbH
Categorie: Baby Formula
EAN unit: 4008976022985
Pieces in the carton: 4
Carton quantity on pallet: 90
Pieces quantity on Pallet 360
Origin Germany
Shelf life 18 months
Label Text DE

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Product Description:

Milupa Aptamil Kindermilch 1+ 600g

Breast-feeding is the healthiest way to feed your child, due to its unique ingredients. These ensure your child is supplied with all essential building-blocks for healthy growth and a strong immune-system. Sometimes it is not possible to satiate your babies need for milk, So in the hope of providing the best alternative to satiate, Milupa has been studying mothers milk for over 30 years in order to find the healthiest alternative. Thanks to a joint effort between universities and science institues, around 205 scientists make sure that Aptamil is up to the newest standards set by nutriotional experts. The result is Aptamil infant milk with Pronutra+TM, which combines an extraordinary mix of ingredients:

Shipping terms: CFR/CIF China, Hong Kong, Worlwide

Logistics: 4x800g per case

90 cases per plt 360 pcs per plt. 48 plts in 40" Container.

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