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  Johnnie Walker Black Label 700ml Whisky
Producer: Diageo
Categorie: Whisky
EAN unit: 5000267098463
Bottles in the carton: 12
Cartons in 20" Container: 1,165
Bottles in 20" Container 13,980
Origin Scotland
Shelf life 12 yrs
Label Text Multi

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Product Description:

Johnnie Walker Black Label 700ml Whisky Distilled, blended and bottled in Scotland. Extra special, aged 12 years. The finest single Whiskies have been matured for 12 full years before being carefully blended to produce the unique character and smooth taste of Johnnie Walker Black Label. Johnnie Walker Black Label is the second tier scotch from the famous and well-known label and said to be the personal favorite of Winston Churchill. One of its principal components is from the Cardhu Distillery. With a smoky kick to it, Johnnie Walker Black Label is recognised as a classic blended whisky for good reasons.


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