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  Barilla Farfalle Integrale Makaron 500g
Producer: Barilla Poland Sp. z o.o.
Categorie: Pasta
EAN unit: 8076809532457
Pieces in the carton: 15
Carton quantity on pallet: 36
Pieces quantity on pallet 540
Origin Poland
Shelf life
Label Text

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Product Description: Barilla whole grain pasta base tasty and healthy meals. In the original golden color, rich in fiber is made from whole grains ground in the traditional way in Mills Barilla. Not falling apart while cooking and delicious tastes, both with simple and light sauces, and according to the tried-and-more complex rules. Whole grain pasta Barilla will delight the palate of the whole family. A dish prepared with wholemeal pasta Barilla meets the 20% of the daily requirement for fiber, so important for the balance of the body.


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